Artist Statement

I create with clay in order to feed my passion for beauty and to inspire, in the lives of others, an intimate affection for their personal surroundings. To quote William Morris from his lecture entitled “The Beauty of Life” (1880): “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” The glazes, forms, patterns and imagery I utilize are my way of bringing a sense of the outdoors into our homes. Clay is a limitless medium from which I am able to move back into the natural world.

The colours I use are nature-inspired and speak of earth, water or landscapes. My glazes may echo the many colours of a prairie sunset, green foliage or rich soil. The forms are simple, elegant and undulating, featuring organic curvatures and may suggest the human figure, as with my flower vases.

Many items in my production line display organic spiraling imagery. Spirals, to me, represent the cycles of life. The spiral begins from a central point and expands outward as it grows, which mirrors the way we grow in life. More recently, the skull has been a popular hand-drawn decoration; a sinister and playful representation of the end of the life cycle.

Intricate plant-inspired textures can be seen on many of my pieces. The textures come from hand-carved, wooden block prints, from Kashmir, India, which were originally used to print ink on fabric. The floral patterns from these blocks began as a special feature used only on my flower vases, and is being incorporated more and more into my production line of pottery.

I am continually fusing my pottery with nature through colour, form, symbols and texture. There is no conclusion to my investigations with clay. It is a boundless medium that begs to be explored.

Julia’s pottery may be found at her home studio (by appointment only) and at:


"To affect the quality of the day,
that is the highest of arts." -Henry David Thoreau